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A little about

The details of my life are well documented in the national news in the 1970's. I was THE FAMOUS BIRD BOY of Stockton-on-Tees. Raised by eagles in the woods behind Hardwick club, (no not the band, actual eagles) I lived in 300ft giant redwood until the age of 14. My adoptive mother, realised I couldn't fly and kicked me out of the nest. I fell to earth with bump. when I awoke, I was surrounded by a pack of Wolves. Over the next two years I was taught how to speak english because my adoptive wolf mother had worked in middle management since the 60's and my new dad was a plasterer. He taught me the ways of the plasterer and ever since, I have plied my trade all across Teesside and surrounding areas.   

My Process




Protect and Prepare


Carry out work


Clean down

what to expect
plastered bedroom, showing the finished room after application

Our Quality Guarantee

Once work is agreed upon, I will make arrangements to return at a mutually beneficially date and time. The room must be emptied of as much furniture as possible to make my job easier and to protect your belongings. At the beginning, the first thing I do is sheet the entire floor with polythene. Then PVA and prepare any areas that need attention before plastering starts. Once preparation is complete, I get the shit up the walls. I leave the place spotless afterwards so there is minimal disruption to your life.

There's a lot of other steps that are just boring but by the time I'm done, you are happy to part with your hard earned purple or pink notes, and no copper. Cheers, Mike

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